Website Planning: Media for your Website

fotolia-bigstock-mashupInspired by Change Communication Design can help you setup the media files for your website:

  • Photos - send me the digital photos by email or deliver the photos to me to scan and return to you later. Photos will be formatted accordingly to be displayed in jQuery sliders, galleries, and blog or social media posts. I can also help you select stock photos from one of sources I am an affiliate with, or you can shop online yourself.
  • Animation - .GIF files in Fireworks and Photoshop used for banner advertising, website sidebars, footers, etc...
  • Sounds - uploading/ linking to MIDI, streaming audio or MP3 files.
  • Video - embedding YouTube videos, and YouTube channel branding.

You must have copyright to, or have permission from the copyright owner to use any media files you supply to me.

Contact Cyndi to get more information on the requirements to setup a new website, and to discuss your project scope, budget and timelines before gathering media content for your site.

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